Social Artist

Doing art for the greater good

copyright chi pin lay

Gallery@OURF is a social initiative of OURF. Pin Lay started learning Chinese ink in 2007 with a bunch of friends, to de-stress and also for the supper sessions after class! In 2009, she noticed that people wanted to buy her calligraphy and with the monies given, she started looking for an NGO to partner.

In May 2013, she held her first solo art exhibition, “Pattern Liao Liao - a playful interpretation of Chinese ink and watercolor”, and sold more than 25 pieces to raise funds for children in World Vision communities. She sold 21 pieces in her 2nd group exhibition Zambia! The Art Exhibition to build 2 classrooms for Zambian ADP. Her 2nd solo exhibition Journey in Ink 知己。墨。若悟, 2-7 Aug 2014 at the Arts House is featured in Zaobao 早报 (Singapore Chinese Daily on 31st Jul 2014). Her paintings and artworks have been sold in Singapore Botanics Gardens, The Arts House, The French Table and Gallery@OURF.

In 2015, in celebration of SG50, Gallery@OURF initiated and host an exhibition "Art and Diversity" to raise funds and awareness for Nepali children after the earthquake. Amongst the exhibited pieces were 20 pieces from friends from Dialogue in the Dark, a social enterprise which employs the visually impaired and provide an education and learning platform for Ngee Ann Polytechnic students.

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