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Blog on my first encounter with World Vision Cambodia in 2009

I had heard about World Vision a long time ago through Fairfield Methodist when they publicise the 30 hour famine. It was a re-visit of sorts when my nephew, Jerry told me that he and SF each sponsored a child under World Vision.

I went to check the website to find out more and was impressed with their 15 year committment to help a community to be self-sustainable. The flash animation was pretty good and clear :)

Beauty in Ink

This is about my accidental journey into using Chinese Ink for painting. I never never NEVER imagine that one day, I'd be painting and using painting to give as gifts to friends, business associates and educators, both locally and abroad! My paintings have been bought and given to secretaries, colleagues and bosses, appeared as a backdrop in a local newspaper for a friend’s book launch, as well as for gifts of appreciation for cultural and education exchange between Singapore and Bhutan! The latest is a piece for teaching students about animals :)

Traveller's blog

Capturing my trips to Stanford, Google, Suzhou and Tianjin from 2005 to 2010

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